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Our expertise lies within the sound deadening, soundproofing, thermal insulation and OEM solutions for your business


Body kits for all makes and years

Replacing the factory insulation

Sheet metal parts reinforcement


Thermal insulation

Sound deadening

Greater overall comfort

Car Audio

Improved car audio performance

Enhanced acoustics power

Solutions for acoustic enclosures, subwoofers and other boxes

Why more than 160 European and US companies prefer to work with us?

  • Owned manufacturing facilities
  • Many years of experience cooperating with the largest vehicle manufacturers
  • Developing the custom product for your particular task and parameters

Our company has been developing solutions in the acoustical comfort field for more than 10 years.

Our R&D and acoustical engineers have an extensive experience dealing with the most challenging and non-standard assignments. In addition to that, we have been a long term stable supplier to large industrial facilities and vehicle assembly plants in various countries.

Our product line in automotive sound deadening line comprises of more than 45 types of materials of different applications and price tags. We've been on USA market for already 6 years and have proved to be a reliable partner to many federal companies.

We also earned many positive feedbacks to our products on EBAY, AMAZON and others platforms. All of our products are certified and environmentally safe.

Our products

We develop acoustic materials under international brands of

  • Vibration dampening materials
  • Sound deadening materials
  • Soundproofing materials
  • Thermal insulation materials
  • Tools and accessories

OEM Solutions for manufacturers and suppliers in field of:

  • Auto electronics and auto acoustics
  • Restoration
  • RV

Our development

for your comfort

Silencom is an industrial design and engineering company with priority direction of developing the innovational solutions in area of acoustical comfort.

Our R&D specialists are proud of the fact that they constantly develop new and yet more effective solutions to cope with a noise, vibrations and other challenges in field of acoustics. We possess the solutions with the most effective index of sound deadening and vibrations cutback, capable of reducing the harmful impact of mentioned factors by dozens of time.


Our solutions will provide you with:

    • noise and vibration elimination
    • choosing the sound deadening materials that match the factory OEM products
    • significantly enhanced comfort in the vehicle
    • feasibility of compliance with the noise level for the industrial facility personnel
    • custom developing of solutions and material estimate for your particulaк task

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